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“Agave” From Ancient Greek Ἀγαυή (Agauḗ, “Agave”), from ἀγαυός (agauós, “noble, illustrious”) or ‘the admirable one”.


An Agavista is someone searching for the admirable, the noble or illustrious. In this site you will find the qualities of frequently neglected but utterly amazing spirits, some of them made out of agave, some of them made out of other raw materials, all made with absolute care and passion. An Agavista is moved both by love and science; pleasure and intellect. This is a realm for discovery and documentation. The aromas, colors and aging of these distillates are as important as the values with which they are created, the care behind their production and the consideration towards the environment. Whatever it is to be discovered will be added to our classification. In this site you will find information, buy products and encounter passionate people that share your interests and ambitions.


Have you seen the back label of a bottle of marmalade? You have probably seen the amount of sugar, fruit, preservatives and even how many carbs it has. Have you seen the back label of a bottle of your favorite distillate? In most of the cases you will only get to see the alcohol by volume, the amount of liquid contained in the bottle and the country of origin. The fact is that the international laws that regulate the information alcohol consumers can read in the labels are quite relaxed and that many producers have taken advantage of that situation to hide important information regarding the contents of their spirits and the processes behind their production. This is a diverse industry. In the shelves of a store you can regularly find a handcrafted and traditional product standing just beside a fully industrial one from which thousands of litters were produced. Both can have valuable attributes and we are not to judge if one is better to other, but we do believe consumers have the right to know what the difference between them is, what is the promise that the brand stands for. Agavista is created and fed by people with experience in the spirits industry and international trade of beverages convinced that we can create a positive impact in the industry by opening information to the consumers.


We are deeply inspired by the swede scientist Carl Von Lineé, one of the big names in the history of science who developed a nomenclature with which a complete classification of living creatures was done. As part of this classification he came up with a name for a plant that has been the epicenter of our adventures in this industry: Agave. What a word he picked! “Agave” Comes from the Ancient Greek Ἀγαυή (Agauḗ, “Agave”), from ἀγαυός (agauós, “noble, illustrious”) or ‘the admirable one”. This is not a website devoted exclusively to the Agave Spirits, but to the spirits that are agave, those that are noble, admirable and illustrious. THE NOBLE We believe in transparency as a gesture of nobility. Therefore, the noble spirits in our classification are those produced by people willing to declare in total liberty and with their word as a guaranty of truth the information about their products. The noble spirits declare their fair-trade policy, their environmental practices, the contents of their product, and their production processes. It is not easy to be transparent, but it is definitively noble.


The knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation configuring the historic taste for spirits of a community is one of the purest and most valuable expression of the everyday culture. Illustrious spirits excel for their quality and how truth they remain to the culture it comes from.


Noble producers that commit to improve the conditions of their workers, their environmental impact of their processes, and that show responsibility towards the society are the ones we want to support in this platform. They might not be perfect but being willing to improve is absolutely admirable. Thanks for joining us in quest of finding noble and admirable producers and illustrious distillates. If you are here, you might already be an Agavista. A consumer willing to know more about the spirits you love. Take the next step and Become a Member.

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