Bruxo 2 Pechuga , the front of the bottle
The Bruxo with the black background
Bruxo 2 in yellow
Bruxo 2 with the mother nature
Bruxo 2 ready to go
Bruxo 2 at the bar

BruXo, No 2, Pechuga, Joven, 70cl 46 %

"The elixir of the terrestrials"
Product awards & recognitions
Product awards & recognition
Gold Medal
2014 Agave Spirits Awards
Brand awards & recognition
Brand awards & recognition
Agave Spirits Awards 2014
  • Category: Agave Distill
  • SKU: 10193
  • Brand BruXo
  • Distillery Name Palenque Herminio Coronado en Agua de Espino - Bruxo 2
  • Class Mezcal Tipo I
  • Alcoholic grade 46 %
  • Content 70 cl
  • Country distilled México
  • Country of bottling México
  • A collection of Oaxacan mezcals Each made with different agaves All come from different villages and different maestros Unified in a brand that has put effort in marketing and has made a name for itself Cooked agave heart added in the second distillation.
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Color, aromas and taste.
  • color
    Pale Gold
    Pale Gold
  • Ahumado (Smokey) Nose: 30%; Mouth: 30%
    Ahumado (Smokey)
  • Untreated leather
    Untreated leather
  • Lively, pushing
    Lively, pushing
  • Honey mango
    Honey mango
  • Dried epazote
    Dried epazote
  • Living organism
    Living organism
  • Agave Nutrition
    Agave nutrition
  • Oily Nose: 0; Mouth: 10%
  • Dried herbs Nose: 0; Mouth: 10%
    Dried herbs
  • Bitterness Intensity: 0.00%
  • Sourness Intensity: 0.00%
  • aroma alt="Umami">
  • Sweetness Intensity: 0.00%
  • Saltiness Intensity: 0.00%
Food pairings
  • Cured Ham
    Cured Ham
  • Melon
  • Fillet Steak
    Fillet Steak
  • Fresh Cheese
    Fresh cheese
  • Dried exotic fruit
    Dried exotic fruit

To the nose, very light floral notes with smoked tones are perceived. Its taste has a lower alcoholic sensation than the sense of smell. There are notes of pepper, citrus with a light touch of cinnamon. Its color resembles aging, but it is achieved by its very own pechuga method.

cocktail This mezcal can be paired with melon and serrano ham, cheeses and nuts.

Cocktails and recipes

Brand and creators
Santiago Barreiro one of the creators
Santiago Barreiro one of the creators
Roberto Brinkman one of the creators
Roberto Brinkman one of the creators
Luis Eduardo Manrique one of the creators
Luis Eduardo Manrique one of the creators
The founder¨s vision has always been to highlight the local Maestro Mezcaleros by having each expression of mezcal be made by a different master producer. This vision tied in perfectly with Memo´s goals in Agave Capital. Bruxo has always been commited to investing back into the local communities by making Maestro Mezcaleros more than simply producers, but partners of the brand.
Production details
The stone-lined pit is the core process in which the maguey hearts are roasted. The fire is started in the base of the pit, with rocks placed on top. When the rocks are red-hot, the hearts, which have been out in half or in quarters, are placed in the pit. It is then covered in its entirety with maguey leaves and straw mats, piled up with earth and left to roast for four days.
Artwork Espadin - 80% with 8 years old
Barril - 20% with 10 years old
    Agua de Espino and Sole de Vega espadin., Oaxaca
  • Cultivated
Bruxo is a collection of different traditions of mezcal in Oaxaca. Different maestros share their knowledge and particular methods to produce unique products with their own character. Bruxo is all about finding the magic that lays behind the ancestral practices with which their mezcal is made with.
    Agua del EspinoOaxaca
  • NOM
    NOM-O184X, NOM-O264X
The Jima of Bruxo 2
The Jima of Bruxo 2
The oven in the Palenque of  Pablo Vazquez
The oven in the Palenque of Pablo Vazquez
The tahona in Pablo Vazquez distillery
The tahona in Pablo Vazquez distillery
The oven in the Pablo Vazquez's palenque
The oven in the Pablo Vazquez's palenque
The Distillation in the middle of the wild
The Distillation in the middle of the wild
The Pablo Vazquez oven for Bruxo 2
The Pablo Vazquez oven for Bruxo 2
The beautiful wild fields for Bruxo 2
The beautiful wild fields for Bruxo 2

Manufacturing and aging

Composed of 80% Espadín and 20% Barril, this mezcal is a creation of maestro mezcalero Pablo Vazquez in Agua de Espino, Oaxaca. A conic stone oven is used in the cooking
and a Tahona de piedra in the milling. Unlike other pechuga mezcals, this one is achieved using “avocamineto” a technique in which the liquid is infused with cooked espadín for several days.
Raw Material
Raw Material
Blend of several Raw Materials
Traditional groundpit
Fermentation Container
Fermentation Container
Wooden bassins
Fermentation Method
Fermentation Method
Liquid (and fibres), Spontaneous
Copper Pot Still
  • NO Use of accelerators under fermentation
    NO Additives after distillation

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