Don Anselmo Añejo, 70cl 38%

7 Leguas Blanco, 70cl 40%
July 20, 2018
Fortaleza Añejo, 70cl 40%
July 20, 2018

Don Anselmo Añejo, 70cl 38%

An exciting lowland tequila with flashes towards the highlands and bourbon.

A tequila with very notable hints of bourbon obtained by a meticulous selection of ex bourbon barrels.

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General features.
  • From 'the other side of the volcano', being the other side than the town of Tequila
  • Different, very fertile soil
  • Agaves in that region are similar to the ones in the highlands.
  • Aged in old bourbon barrels.
  • Very reminiscent to bourbon flavours, married with typical tequila tastes.

Don Anselmo añejo has a very specific aging process, which brings the flavour of this añejo very close to a quality bourbon. But you can still of course find those tequila flavours that you long for.

Colour, aromas and taste.

Amber colored, brilliant, clear and transparent with copper reflections. A sweet aroma of caramel accompanied by toasted almonds, chocolate, vanilla and a light touch of sweet cooked agave. Soft dried fruits, vanilla, and a light touch of chocolate. Medium soft, full-bodied tequila with long drainage in legs.

Serve and combine.

It is best served as a digestive in a Riedel tequila glass or with dark chocolate combined with nuts or almonds. It is the perfect base spirit in a luxurious Gran Margarita. 

Manufacturing and aging.

Destiladora de Agave Azul grow their lowland agave close to their distillery in San Juanito de Escobedo on “the other side” of the Tequila volcano. Tequila from Destiladora Agave de Azul does not have the citric notes you often find in lowland tequila, rather you will find sweetness as in the highland tequilas. The agaves are cooked in a pressure-cooker and the distillation is done twice in stainless steel pot stills. The tequila is then aged 18 months in American white oak cask previously holding bourbon. 

Product class


Product category

Tequila 100% agave

Product type



San Juanito de Escobedo, Jalisco, Mexico

Alcoholic grade




Producer name

Destiladora de Agave Azul S.A. de C.V.

Production details

Use difussor?


Cooking type

Pressure cooker

Milling system

Mechanical mill

Fermentation container

Stainless steel bassins

Fermentation methode

Added standard yeast, Liquids

Use accelerators?


Type of distillation

Stainless steel pot still

Additives added after disitillation or ageing?


Casks used

American white oak



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