El Gran Viejo, 70cl 38%

Arette Fuerte 101, 70cl 50.5%
June 28, 2018
Agave de Oro Reposado, 70cl 35%
June 28, 2018

El Gran Viejo, 70cl 38%

Crafted with the same care and quality as the rest of the Arette family.

An extra-Añejo that features all the goodness of the El Llano distillery.

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General features.
  • Made in El Llano, home of Arette Tequila.
  • This tequila is not 100% agave.
  • Aged in ex bourbon barrels.
  • Won a competition of XA 100% agaves, until was revealed it was a 'mixto'.

This is a mixto that won a competition of 100% agaves. The taste is extra ordinary and it is the proof that a mixto, being well made, can still rock your world.

Colour, aromas and taste.

Deep amber in color. On the nose you find oak, butter scotch, cooked and raw agave and citrus peel with hints of tropical fruit and vanilla. The flavor opens up with agave and moves on to vanilla, spices, Seville orange and “dulce de leche” and finish with a well integrated and balanced bitterness from the barrels

Serve and combine.

It is best served as it is at room temperature in a Riedel tequila glass or with a dark chocolate truffle flavored with orange. Or as companion to a fruitier cigar. As a snack prosciutto with smoked almonds and olive oil is ideal.

Product class


Product category

Tequila blended

Product type

Extra old


Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Alcoholic grade




Producer name

Tequila Arette de Jalisco S.A. de C.V.

Production details

Use difussor?


Cooking type

Pressure cooker

Milling system

Mechanical mill

Fermentation container

Stainless steel bassins

Fermentation methode

Added own yeast culture, Liquids

Use accelerators?


Type of distillation

Stainless steel pot still

Additives added after disitillation or ageing?


Casks used





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