Mezcal Gin, Agave Cenizo, 70cl 45%

Los Tres Toños Reposado, 70cl 38%
July 21, 2018
Reserva del Señor Añejo, 70cl 38%
July 21, 2018

Mezcal Gin, Agave Cenizo, 70cl 45%

Excellent combination with mezcal and gin

The best of both worlds, a mezcal that is enhanced with local and typical gin botanicals.

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General features.
  • Made from agave cenizo (agave durangensis).
  • From the state of Durango.
  • Mashed with an axe instead of a tahona.
  • Maceration of typical gin herbs into the mezcal.
  • Maceration of 4 typical mexican herbs (chile ancho, avocado leaves, lemon grass and hibiscus flower).

What do you get when you put together the most artisanal spirit with the most known spirit. You get a product that will seduce both worlds. Mezcal gin has been made with 8 traditional botanicals for gin and 4 that have been sourced in Mexico and give a nice twist to this spirit.

Colour, aromas and taste.

Mezcal Gin is a crystal clear sprit that leaves a thick ring on the glass. The smoky smell of agave with a fine mineral aroma, rapidly followed by the predominant aromas of the dragon eye, cardamom and the juniper along with the slight touch of the distinctive hibiscus flowers and the chili ancho. A predominant flavor of botanicals, smoky and agave.

Serve and combine.

Great for cocktails with a unique flavor. It gives a different flavor than mezcal or any other gin… it gives a cocktail the Mezcal Gin touch. Drink it neat so you really get to appreciate its unique flavours!

Manufacturing and aging.

Mezcal Gin is a small-batch handcrafted spirit that brings together the most ancient spirit of the Americas, mezcal and one of the most popular in Europe, Gin. Being produced with the London Dry Gin method, we are taking the traditional “mezcal abocado” (flavored with infusion) while incorporating the botanicals of the Gin to deliver a unique creation.

About the distillery.

Mezcal Gin is made in the Mexican northern state of Durango. The agaves being used are all wild agave and distilled at an artisanal distillery that preserves the most ancient techniques of production. Production is done by the local community, in harmony with the environment. To reforest the desert of Durango, for every bottle that is sold, two agaves are planted.

Product class


Product category

Mezcal 100% agave

Product type



Pino Suarez, Durango, Mexico

Alcoholic grade




Producer name

Agave de Selección S.A.P.I de C.V.

Production details

Use difussor?


Cooking type

Traditional groundpit

Milling system


Fermentation container

Wooden basins

Fermentation methode

Fibres and liquid, Spontaneous

Use accelerators?


Type of distillation

Copper pot still

Additives added after disitillation or ageing?


Casks used




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