Montelobos, Mezcal Joven, 70cl 43.2%

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June 28, 2018
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June 28, 2018

Montelobos, Mezcal Joven, 70cl 43.2%

Big Smoke in a Big Bottle

Organic, sustainable and pure goodness, created by THE doctor in Agave.

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General features.
  • Organic agaves.
  • Sustainable agaves.
  • Made by the world renowned agave PhD Ivan Saldaña.
  • Big recognizable bottle.
  • Smokey mezcal.

Ivan Saldaña is worldwide known as an agave expert. Moreover, he even has a PhD in Agave. So when the opportunity presented itself, he decided to make a mezcal with his rules. All organic and cultivated agaves with respect to nature.

Colour, aromas and taste.

Mezcal Montelobos presents a surprising complex aroma, full of fruit and herbal notes such as anise, banana, pineapple and green asparagus. Accompanied by the harmonious integration of smoke. Grass, green agave and flowers appear in the background.

Serve and combine.

Best enjoyed as it is or through an excellent cocktail. It is perfect with fish, seafood and meats.

Manufacturing and aging.

Montelobos is a handcrafted mezcal made in Santiago Matatlán. It is produced using exclusively certified organic agave espadin. Master Distiller, Don Abel, has a long experience as a farmer. His horse named Rambo pulls the tahona, the traditional agave milling method. The connections to pre-industrial traditions don’t stop there, Don Abel is a Zapotec speaker and was largely responsible for threading the eye of organic certification. Don Abel constantly adjust the distillation process for all the varied factors like humidity and the type and quality wood.

Product class


Product category

Mezcal 100% agave

Product type



Amatitan, Oaxaca, Mexico

Alcoholic grade




Producer name

Casa Montelobos S.A.P.I. de C.V.

Production details

Use difussor?


Cooking type

Traditional groundpit

Milling system


Fermentation container

Wooden basins

Fermentation methode

Fibres and liquid, Spontaneous

Use accelerators?


Type of distillation

Copper pot still

Additives added after disitillation or ageing?


Casks used




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