Tier, Ensamble, 50cl 48.4%

Eterno, Añejo, 50cl 40%
September 18, 2018
Tier, Espadín, 50cl 47%
September 18, 2018

Tier, Ensamble, 50cl 48.4%

The first ever batch of this Tier

A blend of the finest wild agaves available.

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General features.

Tier Ensamble represents a blend of the finest wild agaves that are Espadin, Cuixe and Madrecuixe. The bottle is adorned with an alebrije. Alebrijes are magical creatures that were birthed out of the imagination of a mexican artist.

Colour, aromas and taste.

A clear color, with aromas denoting a citrus fruit character, mixed with powerful flashes of smoke and minerals. Those aromas are confirmed in the palate with a soft and pleasant texture, combined with herbaceous, floral and sweet tones.

Manufacturing and aging.

Tier is dedicated to making mezcal in the most traditional way. When doing an Ensamble different types of agave are cooked and fermented together. In Tier’s first batch of Ensamble the handpicked agave used are; Espadin, Madrecuixe and Cuixe. The cooking is done in a conical stone lined pit. A Tahona crushes the agave so that the juice can be fermented in wooden containers. The juice is then distilled twice in copper pot stills of a size of no more than 70 liters. No water is added to get the mezcal to the desired ABV. They use puntas and colas to do so.

About the distillery.

‘Tier’ means animal or monster. On every bottle features an Alebrije that slightly psychedelic imaginary creatures from Oaxaca. The Tier of this handcrafted mezcal was created out of the oral interpretation of the soul of the spirit that maestro mezcalero José Diaz Bustamante gave to the designing artist when the ever first batch of Tier; Tier no.1, was completed on the 26 of january 2016.

Product class


Product category

Mezcal 100% agave

Product type



Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz, Oaxaca, Mexico

Alcoholic grade




Producer name

Grupo Destilados de Agave Tier S.A de C.V.

Production details

Use difussor?


Cooking type

Traditional groundpit

Milling system


Fermentation container

Wooden basins

Fermentation methode

Fibres and liquid, Spontaneous

Use accelerators?


Type of distillation

Copper pot still

Additives added after disitillation or ageing?


Casks used




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