#SpotifyFansFirst with Kygo + Ancho Reyes

April 30, 2019

The 24th of April we got to be part of a great show by Kygo, with the special appearance of Rita Ora in Stockholm´s Café Opera. It was our duty to provide with a lovely tasteful experience that would do the perfect match with Kygo´s music. According to the assistant´s testimony, we complied with the expectations.

Spotify’s data team identified the 200 users within Stockholm that are top listeners of Kygo to invite them and a partner to an exclusive show in Café Opera, one of the most iconic clubes in the city. In accordance to the tropical sound of this Norwegian DJ, the organizers decided to use Tulum as a theme.

They set up a massage station, a photo booth and a “tequila bar”. In partnership with Ancho Reyes, Montelobos and AliasSmith, this “tequila bar” offered a clean drink of Montelobos Mezcal or one of the two spicy margaritas the talented Bella Porcile prepared featuring Ancho Reyes and Ancho Reyes Verde.

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