The 10 best treats for Christmas!

November 23, 2018

It´s probably not the best time for a Margarita, unless you are reading this at least 15 C above zero. If that is not the case, let´s embrace Christmas, the chill, the joy, the coziness and the spirit 😉

This editorial board has come up with the 10 best treats for Christmas, either if it is for you, the Christmas party you are planning to throw, a luxurious gift or just the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic drink besides a nice fire.

  • Tequila Fortaleza reposado: Lagom aged Tequila, Fortaleza reposado is a tribute to the old ways of the Tequila making. Every part of the process from the maturity of the plants to the bottles and stoppers are done with extreme passion for details.
  • Montelobos Mezcal: Organic 100% agave espadín. Smokey, powerful, sustainable. If you are feeling cold it will warm your heart as if it was the sun of beautiful Oaxaca.
  • Ancho Reyes Original: A chili ancho macerated rum, hot and spiced that will blow your guests mind in the Christmas dinner. Do you want to make it seasonal? Try this Ancho Glögg!
  • Tequila Arette Gran Clase: 2018 Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival´s absolute people´s favorite. Whenever a friend tells you “yikes” as you offer a tequila, try to just make him smell this 5 year aged beautiful concrete fermented tequila from the main land. He won´t believe it is the same spirit that gave him a teenage headache (and he will be right!).
  • BRUXO Mezcal: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, X, all of them have something different to tell about mezcal. This is a tribute to the diversity and mysticism of the agave world.
  • Charanda:  This denomination of origin is in danger of extinction in Mexico. As most of the farmers in the region are turning into the avocado cultivation, the sugar cane producers of the 1,200 m high region of Uruapan, Michoacan are less every day. This Christmas we should celebrate that Charanda is still alive and that this fantastic rum is available.
  • Mezcal Gin: It is a mezcal but it definitely has the thrill of a gin.  100% Agave Cenizo from Durango, Mexico. Get yourself a nice artesanal tonic water and prepare your guests the mezcal gin and tonic to get the Christmas dinner started.
  • Los Tres Toños Reposado: Sweden´s favorite smokey tequila is always worth a comeback for the winter season.
  • Tequila Don Abraham: Organic, smooth and delicious. This producer is 100% focused on his beloved agaves and determined to make the best tequila in the region.
  • Tier Ensamble: A 50 cl agave blend of  Agave Espadín, Madrecuishe and Cuixe  from Miahuatlan, Oaxaca with a beautiful alebrije in its label. It is a perfect second step to explore the diversity in the world of mezcal.
  • 7 Leguas Blanco: The brand that proudly carries the name of the horse of Pancho Villa has one of the most well accomplished blanco tequila available.

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