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Almave: A Pioneering Non-Alcoholic Spirit for the Modern Palate

Almave, born from the collaboration between Ivan Saldaña and Lewis Hamilton, is not merely a non-alcoholic spirit; it is a testament to the evolving landscape of the spirits industry.

In a groundbreaking collaboration between seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and Casa Lumbre, a trailblazing force in the world of distillates, a new and innovative product has emerged—Almave, the world’s first non-alcoholic distillate made from blue agave. Set to be officially launched in Europe in 2024, Almave aims to redefine the non-alcoholic beverage landscape by offering a unique and authentic alternative for those seeking a flavor-packed experience without the alcohol content.


A Vision Shared: Lewis Hamilton’s Journey with Casa Lumbre

Lewis Hamilton, known for his prowess on the race track, unveils a different kind of venture with Almave. A project years in the making, Almave is a result of a close collaboration with Casa Lumbre, a distillery with over 25 years of innovation in the production of agave distillates. Hamilton expresses his pride in introducing Almave to the world, emphasizing the team’s dedication to creating a product that caters to the growing demand for high-quality non-alcoholic alternatives.


Crafting Excellence: The Birth of Almave

The process of creating Almave has been a laborious journey involving teamwork, collective imagination, and experimentation around agave and traditional tequila processes. Iván Saldaña Oyarzábal, Master Distiller and co-founder of Casa Lumbre, shares insights into the meticulous crafting of Almave. He explains that the authenticity of tequila is often compromised in existing non-alcoholic alternatives, which use engineered aromas and flavors. In contrast, Almave puts the soul of agave at the center of the product, ensuring it is made from, distilled from, and sourced where agave grows.

Almave introduces two expressions. Almave Amber, designed for sipping straight, promises a rich and full-bodied experience. On the other hand, Almave Blanco is crafted specifically for mixing, allowing consumers to experiment with cocktails while enjoying the unique essence of agave.


Lewis Hamilton’s foray into the world of non-alcoholic beverages with Almave is a testament to his commitment to innovation beyond the race track. As Almave hits the shelves, it invites consumers to experience the richness of agave without the alcohol content, setting a new standard for non-alcoholic distillates. With its unique flavor profiles, dedication to authenticity, and a shared vision for excellence, Almave is poised to make waves in the global beverage industry. Stay tuned for the official launch on October 27, 2023, and be among the first to savor the taste of tequila reimagined.

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