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Contraluz, Mezcal’s next act​

Contraluz is the first cristialino mezcal in the market. A technique well known and stablished for Tequila, it has proven to work perfectly in mezcal as well attracting new consumers to the world of Mezcal.

Cristalinos have changed the way Tequila is perceived across different consumer segments. While they are still just a few in Europe, they have been steadily growing in Mexico driving a lot of new consumers into the category, specially those that felt somehow intimidated by the boldness of its flavours. Cristalino involves a filtrating process in activated charcoal that removes some features of an aged spirit while leaving a round, soft and clear experience for the consumer. 

After resting in American oak casks and passing through its filtration process, Contraluz results in the perfect balance between notes of vanilla, cedar, honey and fruit dryness acquired during their aging, and the notes of cooked agave obtained during cooking. 

This mezcal is best enjoyed on a glass with ice and in cocktails. 

Contraluz is now available in selected stores of Systembolaget. Look for your nearest following this link. 

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