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Lost Irish, found in Sweden

The Irish whiskey that combines three styles and 6 casks from all around the world is now available in Sweden

Tim Herlihy might come from an egg farmer family but he has definitely made a mark in the world of Irish whiskey. Author, entrepreneur and co-founder of the young and already accomplished brand Lost Irish.

“If you are an adventurer, a wanderer and a explorer, this is the whiskey that is as adventurous as you”, this how Tim describes the soul of a liquid that didn´t go for the traditional ways, on the contrary, chose a path of innovation blending different styles and casks that result on a very refined and sophisticated whisky.

“In terms of liquid this is the result of a blend of Irish grain whisky, Irish single malt whisky, and Irish single pot still whiskey that we do a six continent cask maturation and finish. So, we use barrels that previously have had bourbon, barrels that have previously had sherry and then some pretty wild and interesting barrels, a cask from Australia, some African brandy casks, Colombian and Jamaican rum barrels and also Japanese , and each of those brands will add an element of flavour to our whisky and it will make it more interesting, more adventurous.”

Tim Herlihy

As for the taste, it is filled with fruit tones in the nose, pineapple, apple and pear. On the entry it is very friendly and sweet and then in the finish it is full of spices that come from the pot still whiskey and also that rum reminiscent note that comes from the Colombian and Jamaican casks.

Lost Irish is now available in Systembolaget

For more info about the production, taste and aromas of Lost Irish click here. 

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