The Beso bottle
Beso, sweet like a kiss… the present
Beso at home
The Beso bottle
Beso, sweet like a kiss… the present
Beso at home

BESO Concentrado de Agave Organico

”The perfect sweetener for hot and cold drinks, cocktails, food and pastries”
Produced exclusively for bartenders, this agave syrup brings quality and usability for everyday use.
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  • SKU: 10104
  • Brand Beso
  • Country bottled México
  • Country distilled México
  • Content 75 cl
  • OrganicOrganic
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Color, aromas and taste.
  • color
  • Cooked Agave
    Cooked Agave
  • Agave Nutrition
    Agave nutrition
  • Nuts
  • Caramel
  • Nugat
  • Bitterness Intensity: 0.00%
  • Sourness Intensity: 0.00%
  • Umami Intensity: 0.00%
  • Sweetness Intensity: 100.00%
  • Saltiness Intensity: 0.00%
Food pairings
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla Icecream
    Vanilla Icecream
  • Baked fruits
    Baked fruits
  • Chocolate desserts
    Chocolate desserts
  • Churros
Product awards & recognitions
Product awards & recognition
Brand awards & recognition
Brand awards & recognition

As maple syrup, somewhat thick but more fluid compared to other agave syrups on the market. Light amber with noticeable elements of caramel. Soft and pleasant mouth feels, with elements of French nougat and nuts. Delightful long sweet finish.

cocktail Our agave syrup is specially developed to be instantly used in hot and cold drinks. It is more fluid compared to the products you will find in the health food stores. It is also perfect for cooking and baking, making your food, desserts, and pastries more delicious.

Cocktails and recipes

Brand and creators
Creators of the brand
Creators of the brand
Beso was created by a group of Agave lovers, living in Sweden. True fanatics of the amazing treats and gastronomic culture of México. The founder behind BESO is AliasSmith. For the past 15 years AliasSmith has imported Mexican products to Europe, where today distributes in more than 26 countries. BESO de Agave was born in 2010 when travelling in the United Kingdom holding master classes for mixologist and training them in Agave-spirts (Tequila and Mezcal). In every session the bartender would presented their versions of Tommie’s Margarita. The bartenders were using agave syrup that they bought in plastic, squeezable bottles from their local health-store or merchandise of organic products. Unfortunately the syrup they were using had a high viscosity making the handling difficult. It was complicated to dose due to its viscosity.The syrup flows quite slowly and to make it worse, when shaking it got clogged on the walls of the shaker therefore the bartenders had to dilute the syrup first with hot water which they would later stored in a bigger container in the fridge or speed rack, making it impractical to use. A few years later the brand BESO was registered, which means “kiss” in Spanish. Having in mind that all kisses should be sweet. Today Beso sells almost all over Europe, primarily among top Mixologists, who use it since it leads the market , true to the origin of the agave without any additives.
Raw Material
Raw Material
Single Raw Material
Pressure Cooker
Mechanical mill
  • NO Use of accelerators under fermentation
    NO Additives after distillation
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